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Stories of Us

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It stung enough to create a blushing warmth beneath his hand; in another situation I may have bucked and moaned; yet I remained still, draped over him like a living blanket. My inactivity would not fool him, but then, it wasn't meant to. This moment carried potential to change our lives forever, I was not about going doormat to be used and cast away. No, he would have to work to get what he wanted. My screams, to men like him they were sweet as the finest wine, proof of their aptitude to flesh and dominance. I did not care as much for the physical aspects of submission as the mental ones, I liked to be tied and spanked and taken advantage of as much as the next sub. But I wanted more than that.I wanted TO BE submissive - not just to look like one. I learned quickly that I have few limits, I am ultimately there to please and for the select few to whom I show this side of myself I enjoy doing chores, letting him dress me and order for me at restaurants and so much more. I am a strong woman from a line of heavy willed obstinate and oft brash women, trust and respect are the lifeblood of lasting relationships; this was his chance to earn it. Steeling myself for what was to come, I drew in a deep breath, god he smelled so good, and tried concentrating on a spot of carpeting below my nose. Counting the threads would occupy my mind while he tried to break my body. It wasn't a reliable practice, at best it would buy me a few moments and delay my reactions but it was all I could come up with. And hey - it would keep me from rolling over and molesting him. Don't get me wrong I wanted to, needed to see him, taste his flesh, trace the lines and curves of his body to convince myself this wasn't another dream.
I truly prayed if it was I wouldn't wake up this time. I couldn't lie to myself anymore, I needed this, him, us. Thus I lay silent, waiting.
* * *
In just a few moments I could detect her nervousness visibly, by her shifting weight slightly and her twitching fingers. As much as I wanted this to continue as such, I did not want her to feel alienated or unwanted.

"Come sit next to me malaika". She immediately blushed. Her hair covered most of her face, but it didn't hide the blush the spread across her upper chest and shoulders.

I watched her as she moved to sit next to me on the bed, with her head still down, face hidden in her long hair, a quiet "yes baba" being heard. I looked at her for a few moments. I knew that this was dangerous footing. She was nervous and shy. I knew the shy wouldn't last for long and soon her natural mischievious and boisterous spirit would be testing me for all I was worth and then some. I just had to get to that point. I'd worry about overcoming that and showing her that I was dominant enough for her when that time came.

I took a few slow deep breaths to calm the my heart which was threatening to tap dance its way out of My chest before turning to her, brushing her hair behind her ear and gently taking her hand.

"I can't begin to tell you how glad I am to see you and what just having you here means to Me. You've come to mean quite a lot to Me in a short deal of time, or so it seems. While it may not seem as such I am quite nervous, as I have soo many thoughts and ideas swimming through my head that I hardly know where to begin." She turned and looked at me but didn't say anything so I continued. "One thing that I have learned is that sometimes it's best to have a loose plan of action and to play the rest by ear. This way you can adapt to things as they come. I do love you and don't have any intention of harming you, hurting you good yes, but harming no. And without further adeiu...." I used her arm and quickly pulled her over My lap and swatted her lovely ass firmly.
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"Ohh, don't worry babygirl, I have a bit planned for you. I must admit to being quite surprised to seeing you, a pleasant one, but surprised none the less. You can remove your shoes, skirt and top. You won't be going anywhere for a while."

I smiled to Myself, keeping My face straight as she blushed and gulped nervously. I pulled out the desk chair and sat down as she set down her bags on the bed before returning to stand in front of Me again. I couldn't help but smile slightly, though I did notice the sideways glance towards the bathroom as if contemplating running and hiding in it.

"Yes Daddy", she said so quietly it was almost inaudible. she slipped out of her shoes and looked up nerves and fears clearly on her face as he hands fluttered at her sides for a second before moving to her hips and sliding the skirt down, letting it pool at her feet before stepping out of it. I rested My folded hands in My lap, working hard on keeping My body language casual but ready to move should it become necessary. She smoothly bent down and picked up the skirt, folded it and set it on the bed before pausing and taking off her top, folding it and setting it down on the skirt. She resumed her position in front of Me, feet shoulder length apart, hands clasped behind her back, head down half attempting to use her hair to hide her red face.

I didn't say or move for quite a few moments, again allowing her nerves to build. I was enjoying Myself quite a bit, but she couldn't know this just yet, but before the night was over she would know beyond a shadow of a doubt.
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oh wow....
That was about the extent of my thoughts as we entered our new and vastly improved room. The bed was much largere, the view was amazing. It had a smal kitchean and dinning area, and a wonderfully large bathroom. I was stunned really, i mean i know Daddies take care of their toys, but still, this was just too much.
I was staring out a window to one side of the huge bed ogling downtown Chicago from 23 stories up. What a view! I heard his bag thud onto the bed, i could feel him assesing the room, his glance warm and penetrating on my backside.
"Come here" he barked, pointing just to his right. I had that moment of 'oh my god is this real?' hesitation, before i snapped to action and halted a step behind him to his right. Before i could blink, He was there, hand tight in my hair, the other closing about my throat as he tilted my face up to his. Lips firm and warm on mine his tounge gliding across and into my mouth, i melted. Moaning into his kiss, our tounges danced and sang to each other, and i was paralyzed.
Pulling away, he steadied me, thankfully. Smilingly he inventoried my pleased shock, the soft flush in my cheeks... blinking i lowered my head a bit, before peeking a smile out through my curls.
"More please, Daddy."
What a wild time this was going to be indeed. Would my life ever be the same again?
* * *
The suite was easily two to three times larger than the room we had left. I could not help but grin at the completely shocked expression on her face as she surveryed the room. Unbeknownst to her, the amount for the previous room was being refunded and this was put on My tab. After all she was My girl, and Daddies are supposed to take care of their babies are they not?

To be fair the room looked more like a studio apartment than a hotel room. 

The king sized bed was dwarfed by the over all room and nestled between two windows. As we were on the 23rd floor, we had a great unobstructed view of downtown Chicago. In addition to the bed, there was a large table and a decent sized desk for the busy traveler who had to take their work with them.  

It also had a small, but fully stocked kitchette area, and a bathroom that was a bathroom and not the cramped affairs that one usually finds in hotels.

I deliberately walked into the room and dropped My bag at the foot of the bed and set the flowers in the middle of the table, all without looking at her. I could feel her nervousness building as she wondered what was going on.

With My back still facing her, I pointed to a spot about a foot to My right and behind Me. "Come *here*." I could hear her hesitate momentarily before moving to the spot. I smiled inwardly and when I saw that she was in place, I moved quickly. One hand went to her hair and pulled her hair back exposing her throat, which the other hand clasped and squeezed firmly and I forcefully kissed her, teasing her lips before forcing My way into her mouth to greet and dance with her own.
I kept this up for several minutes before stepping back, the hand that was wrapped around her hair, sliding down her back to steady her.

"Been wanting to do that for some time now, and I saw no reason to be patient." I said as I grinned into her blushing gasping face.
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* * *
* * *
As much as i wanted to simply sit in his arms forever, i could tell he was scheming something. Casual glances at his watch told me that as well as the deep manner of how i know him. However, nothing could have prepared me for this, a knock? No one, and i mean, no one knew where i was, except for him. i had not called room service, or housekeeping, so why this intrusion?
The gleam in his eyes told me he had a hand in it though. So did the way he positively vibrated with anticipation as i hurridly looked about for any means to cover myself. He told me, in that deep tone, to answer it as i was.... trial one was well under way and i was squirming inside.
Hesitantly i opened the room door and shocked the delivery man, not to mention myself. I really cannot say which of us was more stunned, i do know which of us was enjoying it most. He, however, was still in the room, beaming so bright i could feel it upon my ass.
There is something to be said about a lover who takes the time to know your tastes, even the eclectic ones and my taste of flowers was far from normal. i was speachless, Master had stollen my breath before, but never like this. The arrangement was perfect in its chaos. All of my favorites, in all of the right shades and stages of bloom. I was afraid to touch it, afraid i suppose that the dream would end, much like alice looking through the keyhole.
A cough, i assume from the deliveryman, jolted me from my reviere and barely aware of my movements, i signed and took the flowers, as i moved them from his body, my eye caught site of something that made me blush. I had been standing there oblivious for several moments, nearly nude in front of this strange man, and he seemed to be appreciative of the view. With a wink and a smile i turned and nudged the door closed. My eyes landing so loving on him.
'Thank you sooo much Sir! They're perfect!'
He took them from me, laying them out on the desk, and he glanced ferverently about the room a bit, a somewhat offset look about him. 'Is something wrong Daddy?' He confirmed my susspicion, the room did not suite his tatses for me and he was quickly on the phone rearranging my stay. I stood back from him and to the side a bit, my eyes casualy floating to land on the bag he brought with him. I couldn't help but think of how the tools i had made him were going to be tested on my own flesh. Not often that the artist becomes the canvas. Though the thoughts did stir my insides.
On his cue, i pulled a skirt and simple top from my bag, covering myself for our room change and gathered my few toiletries and stuffed them back into my bag. My eyes rarely leaving him, i admit, i was still waiting to wake up.
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* * *
As much as I wanted to just hold her forever I had other plans for this evening and I wasn't going to let even My own desires get in the way of My plans.

I pulled away and held her at arms length and slowly turned her around, taking in every inch of her from head to toe, trying to memorize every single curve, ever single pore of her, though I knew it was impossible to know her so well in such a short period of time. Thankfully I planned on taking My time to get to know her body better than even she knew herself.

'Absolutely mouthwatering. So much so that I look forward to when I have the time to devour every single bit I can, but I have other plans just now.'

I turned her back around to face Me and guided her to the bed and sat down, pulling her to sit on My lap.

'Don't pout love, you will love what I have planned for the evening.' I wrapped My arms around her and pulled her in closer, tilting My head slightly to place a tender kiss that was a promise of many things to come on her lips.

I looked at My watch knowing that it was almost time for the first part of My plan to come to fruition. Even knowing that time was running short I couldn't help but I had spent far too much time wanting her to Myself that I couldn't but help stroke every inch of skin that I could find, but to reassure Myself that this wasn't some elaborate dream of Mine and to tease the mess out of her. She squirmed and moved in My lap, both trying to press herself into My hands and evade them.

Our light teasing session was interuppted by a knock on the door. I looked at My watch and smiled. I turned and looked into her eyes and saw the curiousity there as she wondered who it was.

'Well if you want to know who it is, go answer the door. After all it is for you.' She began looking around and I couldn't help but smile a bit. 'Don't keep them waiting, go on, answer it, just how you are.', I said deepening My voice a tad to make sure she understood that it wasn't a request. I could feel the confusion and then the fear and the excitement race through her as she realized what I was asking of her.

'Yes, Sir', she said as she slid from My lap and quite reluctantly walked to the door with My eyes focused on her fine ass as it swished from side to side nervously. She unlocked the door and opened it cautiously.

As I had expected the delivery man from My favorite florist was on the other side carrying a massive bouquet of her favorite flowers: pale purple hyacinths, lilacs, lilac hibiscus, purple passion lillies, dendobrium orchids, pink lady slippers, royal hawaiian purples, and blue irises. A combination of flowers that most florists wouldn't even think of putting in the same bouquet. There was a reason I loved My local florist. He was capable of taking just about any strange set of flowers and making them look good together. He was far from cheap, but watching the dual expressions of shock and overwhelming surprise as she took in the of the bouquet, temporarily forgetting her state of undress and the delivery man's expression of surprise at finding the door answered by a curvaceous, busty half naked woman made it worth every single cent.

I couldn't help but grin in a such a way that the Cheshire Cat would have been envious of. After all I had made My babygirl completely and totally speechless as she gawked at the flowers. It took several minutes for either of them to recover. To his credit the delivery man recovered first and coughed which snapped her out of her shock. I moved to see better and was pleasantly surprised to see the beginnings of a tent in his pants. She blushed realizing she had stood in front of this strange man for several minutes almost nude before signing for the flowers and took them from him, closing the door with her foot as she struggled with the large bouquet, bringing them back into the main room. I stood up and quickly crossed to her, and took them from her and set them on the small desk.

'Thank you sooo much Sir!'

'You're quite welcome' I said as I looked around the room and frowned.

'Is something wrong Daddy?'

'Yes babygirl, there is. This room isn't adequate for one of Mine.' I reached into a pocket and pulled out My cell phone. I pushed the send button and waited a few seconds. 'This is Sterling. Good. What room? That'll be fine. I need someone to meet us up there and to come hear and take the bouquet up. She's already on her way? Great.' I closed the phone and turned to her. I couldn't help but laugh at the perplexed expression on her face. 'I'm a Virgo love. We're natural planners even if we don't have much time to work with.' I looked around the room. 'Thankfully it doesn't look like you've gotten too settled in yet, which is fortunate because we are changing rooms to one that is.... more appropriate.'
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* * *
I smiled down at her and watched as she gracefully moved.
"Yes babygirl, it is Me." I watched her as she wiped the tears from her eyes."Thank Me? For what? I haven't done anything.... YET."

As I watched the emotion rush over her I knew that the same sense of relief was washing over Me as well, but I had to control it, at least for now. There would be other times in which to let all My defenses down, but now wasn't the time. Now was the time to be strong and prepare for the tests ahead. I knew that I had already proven Myself in many of the ways and fashions required already, but I was in the middle of the final test. To show her that the person she knew from online and on the phone was the same person that stood before her today.

"Are you going to just cry all day or properly welcome Me?", I said opening up My arms wide.

She slid from the bed with almost unnatural grace and practically floated over to Me. With her arms wrapped around Me, and Mine around her, I knew everything would be okay. I wasn't sure how or why, but I was positive.
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* * *
Oh Good Lord and Lady! He was more than i could ever dream of. His pressence alone was commanding. His skin so dark and smooth, and that suit just fit so well and acentuated everything about him. His entire poise took my breath away. I thought to myself that i could have died at that moment, and angels would have resembled Him. I knew he was summing me up, drinking it in and in truth judging me. I'd be lying if i claimed to be doing any less of Him.
I knew now it was over, there was nothing, no one else. How could there be? I knew by the bag He intended to stay a while, I could only hope to keep up to please Him to show Him how much He meant to me.
I was shaking inside and out. I had goosebumps and the shivers. It felt as if my entire life had culminated to this one finishing point. Perfect. Tears welled in my eyes and flowed freely as He spoke those few words. I struggled to find my voice as i slowly rose to my knees at the end of the bed. Watching Him i was awestruck.
"Daddy?" I lifted a hand and swiped at the tears, was it really Him? If i was dreaming i don't know how it could be. My butterflies were rebelling rolling in my stomach. "Thank You Daddy".
* * *
I hate cleaning.  I know it's one of those things that needs to be done and can for the most part be kept to minimal amounts, but I hate still hate doing it.  I  usually wait for one of my manic moments where I feel like i can clean  the house from t op to  bottom and then some t o clean.  I turn my  phone off and turn on some music and ignore the rest of the world as a whole.  When I get in My groove, I just want to be left alone so I can get things done.

Imagine My annoyance when I'm disturbed in My cleaning by the sound of the door bell.  At first I'm tempted to just ignore it, knowing full well that if I stop now, I'll probably never get back into the groove as I need to be.   Grumbling I stood up and strolled to the door.

It was a delivery girl with a large package, irritated, I sign her clip board and send her on her way.  Inside the foyer, I begin open up the  box and pause.  The box has no delivery information on it and the delivery girl wasn't wearing the uniform of any of the three major companies.  I drop the box into My chair and turn around and rip open the door.  I fly down  the stairs and look both ways.  Sure enough no, delivery truck.  Realization sinks in as My suspicions are confirmed.    Marie doesn't exist.  It was her.   I forced Myself to breathe slower and willed My heart to stop racing, but I could do nothing about My thoughts.  She was HERE.  I went back inside and picked up the package and opened it, having a good idea of what I would find inside.  

I'm not disappointed.  Inside lay two exquisite paddles.  One made from deeply stained and just beautiful wood, the other from top quality leather,  highly flexible but with enough rigidity to pack a nice wollop.  Along side these is the flogger that I ordered so long ago.  I pull it out almost reverently and step back to test it.  It feels as if it was perfectly molded for Me.  Like instead of something I'm holding it's an extension of My arm.  I could hardly wait to use it.  I was about to put the top back on the box when I noticed it contained a few more items.  The largest was heavy and made of metal.  It wasn't until I removed it that I realized what it was.  It was a branding iron.  Not just any branding iron, but a branding iron that when used properly, would leave the symbol that was so near and dear to our hearts.  The last item was a small envelope.  inside was a card with a hotel name, address and room number and last but far from least a hotel room key.

The cleaning would have to wait.  I had new plans for the evening.  I grabbed the phone and quickly made a few phone calls cancelling and re-arranging things for the next few days as I expected to be quite busy.    I grabbed the black duffel bag and filled it with things that I would need, including a change of clothes and toiletries.  With a quick glance at the time I loaded up the songs I shall need and pack both the player as well as the speakers.  As I was doing this I quickly thought about My wardrobe and decided to go for the full 10 yards.  Now with My bag packed I race to My room and open up My closet, just a few moments of searching yield what I was looking for.  I  grabbed the appropriate shoes and socks and layed them all out on My bed.  I grabbed the phone and quickly made two more phone calls finishing My preparations for later that eve as I stripped down and got the water ready for a quick shower.  

Twenty minutes later, I was showered, groomed and dressed.  A quick check over My outfit in the mirror forced Me to smile.  I looked good and felt even better.  I could hardly wait to see the expression on her face.  I took a few moments to meditate and recenter Myself.  I was excited and nervous, but I wasn't going to allow that to master Me.  I calmly picked up My bag and set out the door.

Thankfully the hotel wasn't that far away and dressed as I was, no one was going to stop Me.  I crossed  the lobby and rode up the elevator knowing that in just a few moments My life would be changed forever.   I paused outside the door and steeled Myself for what was to come.  Shifting the bag to My other hand I opened the door and strolled into the room. 

There she was laying on the bed and I could hear her gasp, caught off guard by My silent entry.  Her eyes went wide as she looked Me over.  I knew I looked good in My solid black 3-piece suit.  It was a bit excessive, but the look of sheer surprise and desire that washed over her face was well worth it.  I dropped the large and ominous looking black duffel bag at the foot of the bed and took My time slowly looking her over, drinking in her beauty.

"Welcome to Chicago, babygirl."
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